Michael James Hellickson

MIchael James Hellickson is looking for HVAC and Commercial Food Service Equipment Repair Company Opportunities

After a long and successful career as a licensed real estate agent, Michael James Hellickson, “Michael“, began building start-ups and exploring mergers and acquisitions. Opportunity is never lost on Michael, who often suspends what he is doing to explore new companies he feels he can grow into massive world class teams filled with team members who genuinely love what they do. Suspension is rare in Hellickson’s companies, as he tends to coach, mentor and train his team members every step of the way.
If for some reason a team member is not a good fit for the position she is in, Michael moves them to one they are capable of filling at a “Rock Star” level. If no such position exists, he terminates quickly and compassionately.
Having grown many businesses to double and even triple their current size, typically in less than one year, Michael is considered one of America’s leading turn-around experts.
“I’m not sure I would call it ‘turn around'”, Michael says, “rather, I like to take already successful companies from ‘good’ to ‘great’, and from ‘great’ to ‘significant'”.
If you or someone you know owns a company, and would like to partner with Michael, contact Michael directly at http://michaelhellickson.com/contact-michael-hellickson/

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